Reviving your furniture can help you create your living space to reflect the essence of person you are. Let us help you to create that look.

Don’t throw away old pieces of furniture, there are many benefits to reviving your old furniture. You can completely transform your living space by painting your furniture.

There are actually many benefits to up-cycling your old pieces of furniture, one of which is how you can completely transform your living space by painting your furniture so don’t throw it away! Save time, money and the environment by up-cycling key pieces.

Buying new furniture can be a big investment and sometimes we just don’t simply have the money to create our dream home. I too have been in this situation, wanting to design a glamorous bedroom without the price tag, not to mention not having the time to source the right furniture in the colour to perfect the look.

I already had some furniture from IKEA on impulse some years ago but as you can imagine the furniture was far from glamorous and frustratingly there was nothing wrong with it either.  The thought of throwing it away or going to all the trouble of selling it wasn’t doing it for me either. The furniture was still in very good condition and did fit well in the room but the look was far from glamorous, so I decided to up-cycle them myself.

To achieve the glamorous look, I decided on a shiny jet black with a hint of gold colour theme. I bought some black gloss spray paint and some gold leaf and proceeded to up-cycle the furniture myself and look what I achieved.

As you can imagine, once my friends, family and regular customers saw the transformations I was achieving, they too wanted to achieve the same thing with some of their furniture. One of my customers wanted to create a modern clean fresh look in her dining room but she had furniture that, although in perfectly good condition, was a little out-dated in terms of colour and to replace the furniture would have cost her hundreds of pounds. She decided to take a risk and asked me to help her create that dream look.

Take a look at this short video and see for yourself the transformation that took place.

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