Our home is where we spend a lot of time so we want it to look and feel just right. This means comfort, practicality and a true reflection of our personality. There are many ways to find inspiration. However, transforming these ideas into reality can be difficult, not to mention time consuming.


Upcycling Design Service

About the Service

For a small investment, your furniture can be transformed.

Step l Our interior design service begins with a consultation. We will listen to your ideas, requirements and thoughts, using them as a focused starting point. We will use samples to inspire ideas, inspiration and bring your vision to life.

Step 2 Within 5 days, you will receive a detailed estimate. We will then make a follow-up call to discuss the scheme, answer any queries and help to develop your project further.

Step 3 The next step couldn’t be easier. Simply place your order with the Designer.

Step 4 Depending on the size of furniture, we can pick up your furniture or you can drop it off at our workshop. We could arrange for the transformation of your furniture to be done on-site in your home.

What We Offer

The range of our colours is only limited by your imagination, we can colour match to your charts or provide colour choices of our own. We use a range of chalk paints from Annie Sloan & Autentico and a variety of spray paints to get your desired look.

Finishes we offer
• Clean & Classic • Silver Chic • Shabby Chic • Metallic Chic • Antique • Gold Chic • Gold & Silver Leaf (Various Colours) • Distressing & Antiquing • & Many More

Sympathetic Restoration
We always inspect every item of furniture we receive for any minor or major damage which can often occur during the course of its life. Sometimes the cracks and holes add true character to the piece and can be kept if you wish to retain this feel.

Colours & Wood
Colours can turn out differently depending on the type of wood or finish used, we can advise on choosing the right colour for your unique piece.

What are the Benefits of Painting my Furniture?

Don’t throw away old pieces of furniture, there are many benefits to upcycling your old furniture. You can completely transform your living space by painting your furniture. With time, furniture may chip and the wood will start looking duller but with an application of a fresh coat of paint will immediately brighten up the pieces.

Upcycling your furniture will protect the wood from further damage. Choosing a different colour or a different finish for your favourite pieces will immediately change their appearance and the procedure is far from wasteful.

You’ll be upgrading furniture that’s in a perfectly good condition instead of buying new pieces. This is the main reason why upcycling costs a fraction of the amount you’ll have to spend on buying something new. Passé Revival can help you bring your furniture up to date using a range of techniques, Contact Us now to discuss your ideas.

Whatever you have in mind, please give us a ring or drop us an email to: [email protected] and see how we can work together to make it happen.

If you can, please include pictures of your piece of furniture or pictures of the style you are looking for. Please include a brief description of your ideas. For style inspiration, follow us on Pinterest.