Our Packaging

Nothing is wasted here and when deliveries come in, we reuse all the packaging and use it to ship our own products out to customers, we recycle anything we can’t use, and our own packaging is from sustainable materials from kraft recycled boxes to air bags made from potato peelings which can be used in your compost.

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We are always looking to upgrade and improve our packaging

We want the best for the environment. To us that means constantly challenging ourselves to find ways in which we can influence and drive change. By rethinking, reducing and recycling, we’re minimising the impact we have on the environment. We’ve made big progress so far, but we know there’s lots more to do.

Our Refill Bottles

Made from Biopolymer

  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions, reduced carbon footprint
  • Made from renewable raw materials
  • Derived from sugarcane waste, not from oil
  • No deforestation
  • No atmospheric CO2
  • Fits back into the recycling chain
  • No difference in performance or colour

Our Product Packaging

Our Product Packaging is all sourced from UK suppliers keeping our carbon footprint low, ensuring we source environmentally friendly paper for labels and boxes (FSC Certified)

Our boxes are made from recycled Kraft with paper sleeves & labels.

We find beauty in recycled materials

Tuscan Leather Wax Melt Snap Bar

How we design our Products

With every product launch our focus is always on the materials used in our products. Our design focus is very much on the impact our products will have on the environment from sourcing to manufacturing.

Once we have an idea we source and design the packaging first. Evidence of this can be found in our latest product ” Wax Melts”. We wanted a product to have no plastic what so ever, packaging that would be safe and environmentally friendly.

We used a simple paper card that was cut in such a way we wouldn’t need anything else other than a little biodegradable sticker to hold them in place.

What our customers have to say

Great customer service (needed to adjust order ) really fast delivery, nice eco friendly package. Gifting the items but tempted to keep some for myself! Thank you

Jessica W
Beautiful candles
What a great find …. Lovely scented candles and tea lights. Well priced. Ethical. Refillable. Vegan!! Ticks every box. And an excellent personal service, with super fast delivery. Can’t fault them!!! ♥️
Suzi S.
Lovely gift
We had bought the Reed diffuser as a present for our son. It was a definite hit, so we’ve bought again. We like the ethics of this company. Good to see a small business survive in difficult times.
Angela L

Great manly smell , excellent packaging and prompt shipping. Very pleased .

Vern C.