Skin & Body Care Refill Service

Ironbridge Candle Company Bath & Body Collection

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Here at the Ironbridge Candle Company our objective is to provide our customers with a product and service that is made and sourced locally whilst ensuring we reduce our carbon footprint.

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A Zero Waste lifestyle is also a cost-effective lifestyle. Reducing rubbish leads to reduced production cost and there are many other environmental benefits so, whilst you’re supporting the environment, you’ll also be saving money!

Our vision
Lotion & Hand Wash Refill Service


We source all our materials and supplies from local resources and make all our products here at the Ironbridge Candle Company. When you shop in our store you can see the products being made right in front of you.

With our new Skin & Body Care Refill Service you can bring your bottles back and get them refilled.

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How our Refill Service Works.

All you need to do is bring your soap or lotion bottle back to us and we will refill your bottle from £7.00

Become a Sustainable Shopper
Ironbridge Candle Company Bath & Body Collection


By refilling your empty bottles you are saving the environment from plastic containers. Too many non-biodegradable products find their way into landfill sites and oceans, so it’s time to take a stand.

Better Choice

Taking that extra trip into town or buying that extra bottle online can create needless waste. Why not let us provide your refills?

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From the second you place your order online or shop in our store, you’ll be joining the fight for a more sustainable environment.