About our Sustainable Wax

Developed in the UK and manufactured under license by British Wax. Our container wax is a unique blend of hydrogenated rapeseed and soybean oils. This is a truly professional grade candle wax with excellent results.

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  • All Sourced in the UK

  • Sustainable

  • Vegan Friendly

Our Tea light & Melt Wax

  • Rapeseed oil and Coconut oil only.
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Additive Free
  • Non GMO
  • Palm Free
  • Soy Free
  • Kosher
  • Halal

Our Pillar Wax

Our Pillar Wax is a perfectly balanced blend of soy and mineral waxes, resulting in a perfectly smooth finish, excellent colour & fragrance retention, and excellent scent throw

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What our customers have to say

Absolutely love these candles. They produce a long lasting, delicious citrus scent that fills the room and lingers for hours even when the tea light has finished burning. Along with the frankincense and myrrh candies sold by this company, these are my favourite ever candles and I have never found anything to match them.

Gorgeous shop and fabulous, thoughtful, caring customer service. A joy to visit every time. Thank you

Jill C
Beautiful candle
Candle was carefully packaged to ensure safe delivery. Copper holder is beautiful. The candle has a gorgeous, fresh fragrance, very pleased with purchase.
Mary H.
Dark Honey & Tobacco Luxury Candle
Excellent fragrance, excellent service from The Ironbridge Company
Peter C.

Gorgeous products, good price
Gorgeous products, good priceWanted some fragrant candles, more artisan than the usual ones and these fit the bill perfectly. And my invoice had a hand written note and a smiley face, great personal service. 😀

Beverley G.